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You are greeted at the site of the Humanities Department of the National Pharmaceutical University!

  Welcome to our site!

At the site you can learn about the history of establishing, staff, scientific research, educational, methodical and organizational activities of our department.

address: 61140, Ukraine, Kharkiv, 18 A.Nevskogo st.

tel.: (057) 771-81-61.

phone:  (057)771-81-61

e-mail: humanitsciens@nuph.edu.ua

Head of the Department: Nelya Filyanina, Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor.

Responsible for the training activities of the department: Tetiana Sukhanova, Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor.

Responsible for the methodical work of the department: Olena Dolga, PhD,in Philology, associate professor.

Responsible for the scientific work of the department, for SSA: Tetiana Krysenko, PhD,in Philology, associate professor.

Responsibles for  the educational and professional orientation work of the Department: Larysa Sinyavina, PhD,in Philology, associate professor and senior assistant Sergii Ostapenko.


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