3DolgaElena Aleksandrovna Dolgaya, Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor. In 1997 graduated Russian and foreign department of Gorlovka State Pedagogical University of Foreign Languages, specialty “Russian and literature, French”. From 15.09.1997 to 30.09.2000 worked as teaching assistant at ТСО faculty of ІРВ Gorlovka State Pedagogical University of Foreign languages. In 2000 started studying at Skovoroda Kharkov National Pedagogical Post-graduate University (specialty 10.01.02 “Russian literature”).

From 01.09.2004 to 26.07.2005 worked as a teacher of the Translation department, Kharkov Institute of Ecology and Social Safety. From 07.11.2005 to 31.07.2006 was a teacher, and from 23.10.2006 to 31.08.2011 is an assistant professor of the Humanities department, NUPh. In 2007 had her Ph.D. defense, theme “Literary creativity of Stankevich” and gained Ph.D. in Philology, specialty “Russian literature”. Since 01.09.2011 is an associate professor of the department of humanities, NUPh. On November, 30th, 2012 was awarded with a degree of associate professor of the Humanities department. She has 36 publications (15 articles in specialized editions). She is a co-author of “Russian. Scientific style of speech tutorial for foreign students, 3-4th year, medical and pharmaceutical profile”, stamp MES. The results of scientific researches are regularly approved at international scientific and practical conferences. Takes part in making manuals for foreign students, studying in English and Russian languages. Responsible for making programs, calendar-thematic plans and tests for CIS students, 1-2nd years, studying by correspondence. Responsible for methodical work.

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