2013 N.N. Filyanina, the head of the department, associate professor (a business trip to Russia, Saint Petersburg). Командировка Aim: уparticipating in the VII International practical conference “International scientific conference “Fundamental and applied problems of geopolitics, geoeconomy, international relations, national security. The USA, NATO and Europen Union – problems of safety of CIScountries, Europe, Asia and Africa”. Time of the even: 24.10.2013 – 25.10.2013

Results: making a report “Nature rehabilitation in the strategy of human survival” and participating in the discussion of geopolitics, geoeconomics, international relations, state security and other philosophical problems of current importance, that caused substantial changes of geopolitical, geoeconomical and geofinancial situation in the world. Geography expansion of international cooperation of the department with Saint Petersburg state polytechnic university, Institute of Humanities (in the person of doctor of historical sciences, pr. S. Uljyanova, as. pr. N. Ofitseferova”

zagran2Тhe participants of the conference with Miroslav Vladimirovich Popovich, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the head of Skovoroda Institute of philosophy
zagran3Тhe participants of the conference with Ermolenko Anatoliy Nikolaevich,Ph.D in Philosophy,pr., the head of social philosophy departmant, Skovoroda Institute of philosophy
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