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 Лариса Андреевна Субота

Лариса Андреевна Субота

Неля Николаевна Филянина

Неля Николаевна Филянина

The Department of Humanities was founded in 1975 when active preparation of foreign students on the specialty “pharmacy” was started in NphU.

Initially this department was called – “Department of Russian language” and it was headed by Olga Denisovna Krepak for more than 20 years. Employees of this department contributed a lot to the development of it.

Experienced professors involved their students into the Club of Russian language friends, performed lesson-seminars devoted to Russian language and culture and hold other events. Our professors also worked productively abroad: in Germany, Vietnam, Kampuchea which is now Cambodia. In 1984 and 1986 Krepak taught Russian in Timmendorfer (Germany).

Since then the number of foreign students has been growing. And nowadays our university has become the international one. We cooperate with more and more countries and our aim was and still remains the same: to teach foreign students Russian, to help them to know our culture and traditions better.

In 2002 Larisa Andreevna Subota, Ph.D in Philology, associate professor, became the chief of the department. She faced a difficult issue: to create a new Russian language teaching tutorial and a complex of materials in scientific style of speech. Due to her efforts, the new program for higher educational institutions of medical and pharmaceutical profile was approved by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine as a model.

Since 2008 the department  has been headed by Nelya Nikolaevna Filyanina, Ph.D in Philology, associate professor. Here what she tells: “In 2008 I came to the department of humanities to work. It was not that easy for me – the new chief of the department. It was necessary to know and understand every employee, unite the team that, from one side, would be based on the previous generation experience, and on the other hand, would be creative. It was necessary to create such atmosphere inside that it would be possible to say proudly: “these are OUR professors”! In fact the creative style of the whole team consists of both every employee’s work and team’s work in general.

And I want to add that I like to work in this team, which is already mine, where people with scientific and pedagogical potential gathered. It allows us not only to keep everything we achieved but also to improve and develop ourselves. We honor our predecessors’ traditions and make the new basis for the development of scientific potential of our department”.

Now our department provides teaching Russian for students of 1-3 courses who study on Russian, on specialty “pharmacy”. The main task of teaching Russian is mastering necessary language and speech abilities, providing foreign students with communication and acquiring knowledge.

Today our department is 44. In every person’s life this time is a period of creative maturity, forces and hopes for a long and happy life. The employees of the department hope for their professional longevity, prosperity, happiness and love.

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