Pedagogical staff

Teaching staff of the department – 9 people. Of these 6 people associate professor, candidate of philological sciences, 3 senior lecturers with experience of over 20 years. Support staff – 2 senior laboratory assistant. Head of the Department Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor Nelya Filyanina.

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Nelya Nikolaevna Filyanina, Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor, the head of the Humanities department, NUPh. She graduated from the Kharkov State Pedagogical University (Faculty of Philology), 1995; Institute for Postgraduate Education of the Kharkov State Pedagogical University (Faculty of Pedagogy and of secondary education methodology, specialty – «Ukrainian Language and Literature»), 2000. In 2005 she defended her PhD scientific investigation, the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission Presidium of Ukraine awarded the Candidate of Philology Degree on specialty 10.01.01. – «Russian Literature». In 2016 she defended her scientific investigation for Doctor’s Degree on the specialty 09.00.09 – «Philosophy of Science», awarded the degree of the Doctor of Philosophy.1995-1998 – a teacher of the Russian language and literature at the secondary school № 88, Kharkiv; since 1998 – a teacher in Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy Сollege; 2001-2005 – Deputy director on educational work of the National Academy of Pharmacy Сollege; 2005-2007 – Senior lecturer at the Preparatory faculty of the National University of Pharmacy for foreign citizens; 2007 – Associate Professor of the Humanities Department, the National University of Pharmacy; since 2008  –  Head of the Humanities Department.


  • Ministry of Health of Ukraine Certificate of Honor ;
  • Kharkiv Regional State Administration Certificate of Honor.

International activity: The member of the Ukrainian Association of Russian language and literature teachers.

Publishing: Nelya Filyanina  is an author and co-author of 3 monographs, 8 scientific tutorials on «Russian as a foreign language», 1 guide for international students on the «History of World and Ukrainian Culture», translator and literary editor of the reference book «Clinical studies. Terms and Definitions» . Co-author of the  educational materials block on the “Russian language” subject for foreign students in English / Russian, CIS students, the author programs (for foreign graduate students) curriculum.


  • Filyanina N.N. Odyssey of  last romantic: [monograph] / N.N. – Kh: The New Word, 2005. – 156p.
  • Fіlyanіna NM Ecologycally educational potentіal of humanities : [monograph] / N.M. Fіlyanіna. – Kh.: NUPh, 2015. – 292p.
  • The history of the formation and development of the Department of Humanities of the National University of Pharmacy: monograph / N.N. Filyanina, T. Gavryushenko, L.A. Subota, etc. – Kharkiv:. NUPh publishing, 2015. – 144p.                                                                                                                                                                  Tutorials:
  • Філяніна Н. М. Нереалістичні течії європейської літератури кінця ХІХ – початку ХХ століття: Навчальний посібник / Н. М.Філяніна. – Харьков: НФаУ, 2004– 104 с.
  • Filyanina N.M. Unrealistic trends of European literature of late nineteenth early twentieth century: Textbook / N.Filyanina. – Kharkiv: NUPh, 2004- 104 pp.
  • Introduction the subject and subject language. Mathematics: The manual for foreign students  / N.N. Fylyanyna, N.I.- Kharkov: NUPh, 2009. – 62 p.
  • Phonetic course on the scientific style of speech (for foreign students of preparatory departments, engineering ) / N.N.Filyanina, T.A. Mehedkina. – Kharkiv: NUPh, 2010. – 74 p.
  • Practical course on Russian for 2d year foreign students (natural sciences) / N.N. Filyanina, T.V. Gavryushenko – Kharkov. NUPh, 2011. – 240 p.
  • The Russian language: Textbook for foreign medical and pharmaceutical students (3d-4th year of studying)/ N.N. Filyanina, V.V. Tsyganenko etc. – Kharkov. NUPh, 2011. – 424 p.
  • The Russian language. The manual for the professional scientific speech development for foreign post-graduate medical and pharmaceutical students / N.N. Filyanina, L.V. Sinyavina. – Kharkov National University of Pharmacy, 2012. – 100 p.
  • The Russian language: a tutorial / T.V. Krysenko, N.N. Filyanina etc. – Kharkiv: Zoloti storіnki, 2016. – 240 p.
  • The history of world and Ukrainian culture. Credit-module course / K.A. Ivanova, A.A. Hirina, A.P. Lantukh etc. – Kharkiv: NUPh: Zoloti storіnki, 2015. – 520 p.
  • Clinical trials. Terms and definitions; translation and edition by M.Filyanina. – Kharkiv: Zoloti storіnki , 2016. – 340 p.

 Scientific works: She has published more than 100 published works, including 60 publications in leading journals.

Articles in scientific international journals:

  • Filyanina N.N. Rehabilitation of Nature Value in Human Survival Strategy / N.N. Filyanina // Strategia supravieţuirii din perspectiva bioeticii, filosofiei şi medicine. Culegere de articole ştiinţifice cu participare internaţionala. Vol. 3. Chişinau: CEP «Medicina». – 2013. – P. 164-167.
  • Filyanina N.N. Value of nature realization as a condition for the ecological crisis overcoming / N.N. Filyanina // Actual problems of the history and philosophy of science: theory and practice. – Rostov n / D. : Publishing house of NCSC HSc SFU APSS , 2013. – P. 34-41.
  • Filyanina N.N. Mankind survival: the problem of argumentation / N.N. Filyanina // Strategia supravieţuirii din perspectiva bioeticii, filosofiei şi medicine. Culegere de articole ştiinţifice cu participare internaţionala. Vol. 4 (20). Chişinau: CEP «Medicina». – 2014. – P. 216-219.
  • Filyanina N. Concepts of ecological hermeneutics and its potential in overcoming of the ecological crisis /Filyanina // Young scientist USA. HUMANITIES. – Lulu, 2014. – P. 140–143.

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Self-supporting activity:

  • Training of PhD students for the exam on the Russian language and candidate exam on the Russian language conducting;
  • The over-program courses on “Russian” and ” Russian as a Foreign Language Methods of Teaching “.

Academic disciplines taught by Filyanina N.:

  • Russian for foreign students studying in English;
  • Russian for foreign students studying in Russian;
  • Russian for PhD students;
  • Russian as a Foreign Language Methods of Teaching.

Social activities:

  • The Ukrainian Association of the Russian Language and Literature Teachers member;
  • The member of the NUPh Academic Council.

2Sinjavina Larisa Vladimirovna Sinyavina, Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor. In 1985 graduated Russian department of Gorkiy Kharkov State University’s philological faculty, specialty “philologist, a teacher of Russian language and literature”. Since 1985 worked as a teacher of Russian at KhUEB. Since 1989 was a teacher of Russian at KhNMU. Since 1999 was a teacher of Russian at the Preparatory faculty, NUPh, an assistant professor (since 2001).

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3DolgaElena Aleksandrovna Dolgaya, Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor. In 1997 graduated Russian and foreign department of Gorlovka State Pedagogical University of Foreign Languages, specialty “Russian and literature, French”. From 15.09.1997 to 30.09.2000 worked as teaching assistant at ТСО faculty of ІРВ Gorlovka State Pedagogical University of Foreign languages. In 2000 started studying at Skovoroda Kharkov National Pedagogical Post-graduate University (specialty 10.01.02 “Russian literature”).

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  суботаLarysa Andreevna Subota, Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor.  She graduated from Kyiv State University T.G. Shevchenko in 1978. From 1980 to 1986 she worked as a senior laboratory department of Russian Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, from 1986 to 1991 – teacher of Russian language in Kharkiv Academy of Pharmacy, 1991 – a senior lecturer. She was responsible for the training activities of the department from 1996 to 1999. In 2000 had her Ph.D. defense “Image meanings of a person’s characteristics in static and dynamic aspects”, specialty 10.02.02 “Russian language”. Since 2000 is an associate professor of the Department of Russian language, National Pharmaceutical Academy, Ukraine. From 2002 to 2006 was the head of the Department of Russian language. Since 2007 is responsible for teaching and methodical materials for foreign students, 3d year, studying in English. She is the author of 3 textbooks with a stamp MES, the co-author of 8 tutorials and 4 manuals. Took part in 50 scientific and scientifically-methodical conferences, published 46 articles, among which 36 are in the specialized editions, approved by VАК, Ukraine.

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